Meet Tristan, Ismaël, Guilhem and Sylvain - the close-knit team behind your favorite panisses! At Artisan DAQI, we combine passion, creativity and know-how to transform the traditional panisse into a modern and exquisite gastronomic experience. 

Each bite is a piece of our collective adventure, deliciously crisp and irresistibly tasty. 

Join us on this delicious adventure, where taste meets passion!

Panisse's Culinary Revolution

The year 2020 was the springboard for an exciting adventure: reinventing panisse, that Mediterranean delicacy. Our vision? To transform this chickpea flour-based treasure into the perfect alternative to potato French fries. At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, discover a rethought gastronomic experience that balances crispness on the outside with softness on the inside.

An Authentic Mediterranean Flavor

Panisse, much more than a simple dish, is a symbol of the Mediterranean basin. Along with its cousin, socca, they embody the very essence of the Mediterranean terroir, generous and sunny.

Local commitment and quality

At Artisan DAQI, we honor authenticity. By favoring short distribution channels, we collaborate with passionate local producers, guaranteeing first-rate ingredients for authentic, tasty panisses.

The Art of Panisse

Being a gourmet also means being conscious. We make sure our recipes are organic, vegan, gluten-free and high in protein. A healthy choice for pure pleasure, every time.

Let yourself be tempted!

Everything has been thought of to delight your taste buds. Whether as an aperitif, a side dish or even a sweet dessert, panisse is ready to surprise you. After all, when it's this delicious, why deprive yourself?

Immerse yourself in an original culinary journey through a multitude of unique tastes. Artisan DAQI transforms tradition into contemporary art, and is waiting for you to share this discovery. Panisse has never been so seductive!